French Quakers’ Newsletter: December 2021 Issue

The December 2021 issue of “La Lettre des Amis,” the quarterly newsletter of Quakers in France, is now available and can be  downloaded in PDF format from the national website.

New: From this issue on, all articles in the newsletter that were originally written in English can be read in that language via the PDF file. Readers should simply click on the “EN” that appears next to their titles in the table of contents.

To download back issues ou receive the print issue of the newletter by postal mail, please visit the Quakers en France website

Finding a European Quaker voice for the moment

This year has been dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic. We mourn the significant loss of life that that has resulted from the pandemic, as well as the separation, loneliness and other consequences it has had. The lockdowns and social distancing required to control the spread of the virus are having significant economic consequences, forcing radical shifts

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Why compassion must be at the heart of our response to Channel crossings

Over the last few months, hundreds of fragile and overloaded boats have made the perilous Channel crossing in search of a refuge. For many of the men, women and children on board, this is the last leg of a dangerous journey that has taken them months or even years… The government has described these arrivals as “invaders” as if they came to fight a war rather than to find refuge. The response chosen was a military one, READ MORE….

25th anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide: Quaker reconciliation work

Sizeli Marcellin lost 95 members of his family in the Rwandan genocide that took place between April and July 1994. After the killings stopped, Sizeli became a peacebuilder. Today, he’s a member of “Turning the Tide” , a  campaign for nonviolence, supported by British Quakers . Listen to his extraordinary story and that of other Rwandans here:
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