September 2020: French Friends’ Newsletter

[ Français ]

Available for download from our national site, the latest issue of “La Lettre des Amis”

Au sommaire de ce numéro

  • Remembering: Quakers and World War II
  • Reflections on online meetings for worship
  • Friends, Religion and the Divine
  • My spiritual path: Celine
  • My spiritual path: Guillaume
  • News from the Quaker Peace and Service Committee
  • A look back at the EMES annual meeting
  • French Quakers at the beginning of World War II
  • Gilbert Lesage – a Quaker civil servant in Vichy
  • Annette Monod – let’s not forget she was a Quaker
  • Peace, Justice and Equality in the times of Covid19
  • Quakers and death
  • Discussing death freely in a “death café”.
  • The International Quaker Centre is moving
  • The history (and future) of Congénies’ Quaker House
  • Poem