French Yearly Meeting 2021: Epistle

The 2021 assembly of Quakers in France took place in the “La Solitude” spiritual centre near Bordeaux from October 29th to November 1st. In their epistle, French Friends write of a “joyful and inspirational” weekend, “surrounded by a sea of vineyards.
We took as our challenge ‘How to advance our aims and beliefs in such a needy world,'” they add. “The vineyards reminded us that France is the third exporter of wine in the world, but also the third exporter of arms. We have work to do.

Document available in both English and the original French via the Europe and Middle East website of the FWCC. See also the national “Quakers in France” website.

COP26: European Churches Launch Interfaith Campaign on Climate Change

As leaders and peoples of English-speaking faith communities in Paris, London and Berlin, we feel compelled to respond to the climate crisis, which is afflicting the poor and vulnerable the most. Our children and generations to come will suffer and perish from our inaction. Rapid, transformative change is needed now to avert climate catastrophe. Let us lift up creation as world leaders meet for the UN climate conference in November.

Join us as we work together to shed light on the systemic and structural issues blocking a sustainable future and climate justice for all people, through reflection, prayer, and action.

More info on the website of the American Church in Paris

Finding a European Quaker voice for the moment

This year has been dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic. We mourn the significant loss of life that that has resulted from the pandemic, as well as the separation, loneliness and other consequences it has had. The lockdowns and social distancing required to control the spread of the virus are having significant economic consequences, forcing radical shifts

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Observations of a Mennonite Peace Committee on the Island of Lesbos in September 2020

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Report live from Lesbos from the Mennonite Peace Committee study group (*)

A small group of the German Mennonite Peace Committee was present on the island of Lesbos from September 11-19, 2020. Until the last minute there was no certainty that this trip could take place. So we are happy that we were able to undertake this adventure, even though much of what we saw and experienced was deeply disturbing.

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