Books on Quakerism in French

[ Français ]


“Quakers en France : Expérience et pratique” (“Quakers in France: Experience and Practice”)

This 150-page work, published in October 2018, retraces the history of Quakers in France and provides a host of key texts, many of them translated from the original English. It notably features the French translation of “Advices & Queries”, and a chapter on Friends’ Faith and Practice.

Le premier Quaker” (“The First Quaker”: George Fox’s Journal)

Translated by Mme Pierre Bovet and abridged by Henry Van Etten. Published by the French Society of Friends in 1962. 265 pages.

La lumière intérieure, source de vie

A French version of Barclay’s 1676 work “Apology for the True Christian Divinity as the fame is Held Forth, and Preached, by the People called, in Scorn, Quakers.

Translated by Georges Liens and published by Les Editions Dervy in 1993. 350 pages.

Sans croix, point de couronne” (“No Cross, No Crown”)

by William Penn.
Translated by Danièle Frison-Prudhomme and published by Les Editions Dervy in 1988. 296 pages.

Les quakers en Amérique du Nord au XVIIème siècle et au début du XVIIIème” (“The Quakers in North America in the 17th and the start of the 18th century”)

by Pierre Brodin, published by Les Editions Dervy in 1985. 384 pages.

Observations sur les Quakers” (“Observations on the Quakers”)

by Antoine Bénézet, a member of a French Huguenot family who settled in Pennsylvania, where Antoine became a pioneering teacher and anti-slavery campaigner. He wrote this short book in French to explain Quakerism to his former compatriots; it was first published in Philadelphia in 1780. With a preface by Jeanne-Henriette Louis. Published by Les Editions Ampelos in 2013; 50 pages.


Carnets de voyage d’un anglais en Vaunage au XIXème siècle ; aquarelles d’Henry Newman

Water-colours painted by the English Quaker Henry Newman during his stays with a Quaker family in the southwestern French village of Congénies and nearby Nïmes between 1864 and 1883. Diary extracts translated by Robert Monjo with the permission of Priscilla Silver, Henry Newman’s great-grand-daughter. Published by the Association Maurice Aliger en 2018.

Chronique de la vie quaker française : deux siècles de vie religieuse 1745-1945” (“A chronicle of French Quaker Life: two centuries of religious life, 1745-1945”)

by Henry Van Etten
Fourth edition (2009), with a new introduction and an updated bibliography. Co-published by Les Editions Ampelos and the Congénies Quaker Centre, 239 pages.

Mémoires d’une missionnaire, De la campagne languedocienne à la Cour de Londres (“Memoirs of a missionary, from the Langudoc countryside to the royal court in London”)

by Christine Majolier. Editions Ampelos, 2012: 204 pages.
Christine Majolier was born in 1805 in the southwestern French village of Congénies, into a modest Protestant family, some of whose ancestors had taken part in the Camisard rebellion of the late 17th century. During an eventful life she became the first female Protestant pastor in France, travelled all over Europe and met prisoners, paupers and royalty.

Colin découvre les quakers (Colin writes to friends’ house)

by  Elfrida Vipont. Translated by Henry Van Etten, with the help of a group of Friends and published in 1964 by les Editions de la Baconnière in Neuchatel (Switzerland). 252 pages.